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Ryan W. O’Donnell and Marina A. Sigareva Discuss Global Intellectual Property Strategies for Biotech Companies
August 7, 2017

global-ip-strategiesVolpe and Koenig, P.C., Shareholder Ryan W. O’Donnell and Patent Attorney Marina A. Sigareva discuss how companies in the biotechnology sector can protect their intellectual property in the New Jersey Lawyer. In “Global Strategies for Protecting Inventions in the Biotechnology Sector,” Marina and Ryan note that “The ability to protect intellectual property rights is vital for biotechnology companies to protect their investments and develop new medicines, fight diseases and create new agricultural products.” However, regional differences for companies operating in several markets may present major challenges because such differences require “thorough analysis and development of global strategies for protecting IP.” Throughout their article, Marina and Ryan offer several strategies for global intellectual property protection.

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