Computer Technology

We Help You Navigate the Intricacies of Computer Technology IP

As newer, better, faster discoveries are developed, computer technology advances exponentially. To keep up with the pace of innovation, companies are focusing on individual niches. Thus, a single piece of hardware may be comprised of several smaller innovative devices. Working against time and the need to work or exist with other computer technology firms creates a complex dynamic. Attorneys at Volpe and Koenig have the necessary technical backgrounds to provide proper legal counsel for the various intellectual property issues that arise from the nature of this environment. Acquiring and maintaining protection for computer technology innovations, preserving and developing the company’s advantage in a highly competitive market, and gaining revenue from investments in research and development – are the goals Volpe and Koenig has for its clients.

In the computer industry’s race to increase speed and capabilities while reducing cost and footprint, your best offense is a good defense. Acquiring the necessary patents before your competitor can best be achieved by working with the attorneys and patent agents at Volpe and Koenig who are experienced in the technology and engineering of computer technology devices.

Volpe and Koenig’s Attorneys Possess the Technical Background to Understand Your Needs

Working with precise and complicated technologies requires a combination of experience and education. Our attorneys leverage advanced degrees in computer engineering, electronics and other technologies, along with expertise in working with a roster of clients in the computer technology industry to protect your IP interests. Patent protection is crucial, as is understanding how one small product may involve several technologies and patents precariously hinging on each other. The sheer number of computer technologies involved often necessitates licensing agreements with others in the field, resulting in an even more challenging IP environment.

Volpe and Koenig features over 20 electrical industry professionals, including those with expertise in semiconductor design and fabrication, circuitry, memory design and processing, bus interface capability, and fiber optic systems. Our complementary experience in the electrical component and optics and image processing industries strengthens our ability to foresee your company’s challenges and to deliver the most comprehensive protection of your valuable intellectual property.

Our Industry Strengths

As one of a handful of firms that specifically works with computer technology IP, our team members offer an extraordinary breadth and depth of experience working with these ever-evolving technologies and their interrelations. Having worked with leaders in the industry, our specialties include the following technologies related to hardware and software:

  • Processors and microprocessors
  • Chipsets
  • Platforms
  • Accelerated Processing Units (APUs)
  • Memory
  • Monitors and touchscreens
  • Semiconductor design and fabrication
  • Servers
  • Cabling
  • Computer input devices
  • External dockings and dongels

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