Electrical Components

Electrical Components are the Building Blocks for Today’s Technologies – and Tomorrow’s Innovations

New consumer electronics bring an influx of innovation today that could hardly be imagined yesterday.  These consumer electronics and other technologies are dependent upon electrical components – those resistors, inductors, capacitors and other specialized components that have a huge impact on the market that belies their size.  Electrical components that are not protected by intellectual property often lead to counterfeit and inferior imitations, injuring company branding, reputations and stealing profits.  Short product life cycles coupled with higher-capacity / lower-cost improvements inherent in the industry make protecting your investment more important than ever.

Whether teaming with in-house counsel to provide additional capacity and strategic resources, or working directly with international manufacturers, Volpe and Koenig has a deep bench of attorneys and technical advisors to keep up with the dynamic nature of electrical components.

Let Volpe and Koenig Anticipate, Advise on, Apply for and Acquire New Intellectual Property

Our attorneys know the patent process for electrical components inside and out: the questions to ask, industry direction, change anticipation and the need to protect future enhancements.  Volpe and Koenig’s strategic planning directly addresses IP enhancement recommendations, ensuring you have sufficient protection for, and get the most value from, your innovations.  We review patent portfolios on a regular basis, ensuring full coverage with no gaps in protection; we advise on acquiring new intellectual property, file the necessary applications and, when warranted, assist in selling assets that are no longer valuable.

Over 50 staff members bring practical and specific industry experience to your range of electrical components, including backgrounds as electrical and mechanical engineers and patent officers.  Our technical credentials complement our deep knowledge of the market forces that affect this technology, including the standards-setting processes that fuel this industry’s growth.

Our Industry Strengths

With backgrounds in engineering, our attorneys and specialists are experts in the IP challenges and market forces of the electrical components industry, including extensive experience working with the following technologies:

  • Wireless
  • Semiconductors
  • Optics
  • Imaging
  • Graphics Processing
  • Microprocessors

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