Food and Beverage Technology

Keeping Trade Secrets a Secret, and Preserving Your Recipe for Success

The food and beverage industries have become increasingly technology-intensive, and the more recent focus on trade secrets and patents underscores the need for protection of your intellectual property assets in this field.  Our attorneys have experience with all aspects of food and beverage technology, such as processing, production, and preservation methods, chemical compositions, packaging and package design, and functional ingredients.  From the consumer perspective, purchasing decisions are often based on the power of the brand name, and companies cannot afford to lose hard-earned product loyalty.

Volpe and Koenig’s attorneys work with food and beverage clients to identify and protect their innovations and grow their product brands to maintain profitability.

Our Experience With Protecting Food And Beverage Industry Intellectual Property

Our attorneys have advised food and beverage technology clients for years, guiding them on protecting their IP using a combination of patents, trade secrets, copyrights, and trademarks.  We help clients determine and establish their trademark rights, develop a strategy for handling trade secrets, structure licensing agreements to generate steady revenue, and defend trademark and trade dress interests in court.  To ensure that the hard-earned association of a brand name with a quality product is preserved, our team works with you to establish appropriate internal policies, handle litigation proactively, prevent IP theft, maintain exclusivity, and ensure any third-party IP protection is fully understood.

Volpe and Koenig reinforced its industry experience with its 2008 publication of Intellectual Property in the Food Technology Industry: Protecting Your Innovation.  We are long-term members of the Institute of Food Technology (IFT), and have presented at the IFT annual meeting for several years.  Our attorneys who specialize in protecting the food technology industry have backgrounds in processing, chemical engineering and bioengineering of crop products, among other key areas.  Where your IP rights and revenues need the most savvy strategic direction and protection, Volpe and Koenig is there to meet and exceed your needs.

Our Industry Strengths

While we are experts in all matters of patents, trademarks and trade secrets, Volpe and Koenig’s attorneys utilize their industry-specific backgrounds to specialize in the following food technology IP areas of interest:

  • Utility patent and trade secret protection
  • Design patent protection
  • Patent searches, opinions, and due diligence
  • Product and process licensing
  • Branding strategies and trademark protection
  • Employee and third party non-compete and non-disclosure agreements

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