Publishing in a Changing Environment Spurred by New Technologies

As publishing transforms and new technologies appear on the horizon, the breadth of media in which works appear continues to expand, affecting books, magazines, journals, newspapers, audio, video and other published items. Conceptualization and creation may occur through many means, including via market research and literary agents. The American publishing industry is waging a fierce multi-faceted campaign: to identify and mitigate the siphoning of publishing rights and profitability of pirated content. Publishers especially suffer significant economic harm in key overseas markets resulting from commercial scale photocopying, illegal print runs, unauthorized translations, CD-R burning of textbooks and increasing online piracy.

Authors, agents, distributors, designers, artists, photographers, publishing packagers, trade associations and more have benefitted from Volpe and Koenig’s experience in the full spectrum of IP for the publishing industry.

Volpe and Koenig’s Attorneys Are Prepared to Address Evolving Copyright and Trademark Issues

Publishing now encompasses so many new formats and media, and protection of IP becomes increasingly difficult to manage, even when the copyright laws are followed to the letter. Proactive strategies are necessary as it is generally difficult to enforce copyright laws, and the increase of online and mobile technologies makes it easier to steal and spread high-value content. Our attorneys are well-versed in the problems of institutions with commercial ties violating site licenses, unauthorized large-scale photocopying and online book piracy.

Our attorneys help clients manage their own rights in the works they produce, as well as the rights they hold on behalf of third party authors. Your firm invests time, original thought, research and other resources in its publications – Volpe and Koenig’s attorneys can work with your team to develop strategies for e-publishing, pricing and licensing models, protection of distribution, understanding international copyright laws and other IP challenges. We provide the counseling necessary to address your most pressing issues affecting your bottom line.

Our Industry Strengths

For print and digital media, Volpe and Koenig has worked with the publishing industry in an expansive list of publishing matters, with particular expertise in the following areas:

  • Trademark and Copyright Infringement
  • Domestic and International IP Licensing and Related Contract Disputes
  • Rights of Third-Party Authors
  • Idea Misappropriation
  • Rights and Fair Use Analysis
  • Transaction and Dispute Resolution

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