Software and Business Methods

Protecting Your Software/Business Methods Is More Important Than Ever

There is rarely a time when you are not interfacing with software of some kind in order to conduct business. In our fast-paced and technologically savvy world, companies increasingly rely on the Internet and software to accomplish their business goals. Software programmers and business executives invent ingenious software, from e-commerce solutions to on-line business methods, with the potential to make a huge impact quickly and to grow exponentially.  Protecting that software via copyrights and business method patents is a necessity, not a luxury.

Volpe and Koenig Has the Expertise to help you Navigate Ever Changing Software and Business Method Patent Law

Digital materials, including software, are unusually susceptible to reproduction and distribution via the Internet. Additionally, the laws regarding software and business method patents are frequently shifting and it is often unclear to clients what is patentable.

Volpe and Koenig assists software engineers and business owners to protect the commercial value of the software they have developed, as well as to stake a claim on innovative new processes in order to protect their edge in the market. We do this by securing comprehensive and forward-looking intellectual property to protect the fundamental concepts that underlie the software.

Our team of attorneys stays abreast of the changing industry dynamics and intellectual property laws to determine the most appropriate course of action for you.  Our team is uniquely suited to software protection as we have several attorneys with extensive computer science, software development and engineering backgrounds.

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