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Volpe and Koenig Protects Your Original Works of Authorship in the Digital Age

Copyright is a powerful tool to protect your original authorship. However, the advent of the digital age has created new challenges for both the legitimate protection of copyrightable authorship balanced against the rights of free speech and fair use of the authorship of others in certain circumstances. Knowing how your rights are affected by copyright registration and publication status of your materials is an important part of understanding the available protection under copyright law. Also, knowledge of safe harbor provisions and when permissions may be required is essential in avoiding expensive copyright-based conflicts.

Clients from all industries, from publishing to the most advanced companies in biology, biotechnology, pharmacology and engineering, look to Volpe and Koenig for their copyright expertise.

Ensure Your Firm Gets the Best Copyright Protection in Fact, Word and Deed

Our attorneys have extensive experience working with all types of copyright matters for the gamut of industries and businesses of every size and type. We can recommend and assist in implementing programs to register and/or license the copyrights arising from the authorship of your firm. We work to prevent the unlawful exploitation of your original works, while giving you the widest range of damage remedies against copyright infringers. We can also assist in ensuring appropriates agreements are in place as new works are developed so that no surprises arise as to who is the owner of the copyrights in newly developed materials.

When your firm needs to use copyrighted material, Volpe and Koenig also provides counsel to determine when permissions are required and, if so, to ensure you obtain an appropriate transfer of rights (through assignment) or a license to the rights you require.

Our Practice Strengths

Our attorneys are thoroughly familiar with the full spectrum of copyright law, with a focus on the following services:

  • Advice regarding fair use issues
  • Copyright Registration with the U.S. Copyright Office
  • Conduct title searches
  • Copyright assignments and recordation of documents at the U.S. Copyright Office
  • Copyright licensing
  • Database protection
  • DMCA Safe Harbor provisions
  • Mask Works
  • Enforcing and defending Copyright claims asserted in litigation

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