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Patent Prosecution

Getting Your Patents Prepared and Filed Correctly the First Time

Getting a patent is no simple matter. Patent prosecution starts by determining the novel features of your product, drafting an application, determining contributors, search and examination, then the passing, appeal or abandonment of the patent. Along the way, all applicable patent laws and regulations need review to ensure this process is as comprehensive and effective as possible while passing the examiner’s review. Volpe and Koenig knows this process well and ensures your inventions receive the protection they deserve.

Our first step in protecting your idea is understanding the technology behind it; our team members spend time with inventors, clarifying what needs protection, navigating through prior art, crafting proper patent claims – all by mastering your invention. Next, we review the best strategy for working with the numerous and complicated laws and rules of the patent prosecution process, especially those of the USPTO’s Manual of Patent Examining Procedure. The Leahy-Smith America Invents Act (AIA), signed into law on September 16, 2011, represents the most extensive piece of patent-related legislation in years, and will change the way patents are prosecuted in the US – we are ready.

Building Your Team, Knowing the Rules and Getting Results

Volpe and Koenig has extensive experience in all stages of the patent process; we also have patent attorneys and agents holding advanced degrees and who bring industry experience in electrical, mechanical, chemical and civil engineering, as well as computer science and the life sciences. This “perfect fit” approach of matching the appropriate team members for your innovation ensures that we will be “speaking the same language” from the outset. With our wide-ranging network of foreign patent associates, your ideas can safely cross borders for global protection. Proactively cognizant of laws and regulations, we aim to prevent the need for appeals or abandonment, and make the process straightforward and successful for all your inventions.

Our Industry Area Strengths

While Volpe and Koenig services a broad range of high-tech industries, we consider the following to be our particular areas of focus for patent prosecution:

• Wireless Communication
• Medical Devices
• Life Sciences
• Computer Technology
• Technology Transfer
• Optics and Image Processing
• Electrical Components
• Food Technology
• Industrial Manufacturing

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