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Strategic Counseling

Identifying, Developing, and Realizing the Value of Your Portfolio

All patent portfolios have value, some more than others; determining that value is often challenging.  Many firms invest large sums in developing or acquiring portfolios, but as the laws change and legal departments become more sophisticated, realizing a return on that investment is increasingly difficult.

Our attorneys have experience identifying, developing, and realizing value in our clients’ patent portfolios including mining patent portfolios to identify valuable assets relating to particular products, companies, and industry standards.  Once those assets are identified, our attorneys assist in periodic patent portfolio review meetings, then establish and implement strategic prosecution protocols based on asset ranking systems.

When it comes time to realize the value of your investment, our attorneys prepare claim charts to demonstrate validity and infringement. From there, we assist in licensing negotiations and litigation so that you realize the value of your portfolio.

Knowledge of Technology, Industry, Strategy and the Law Combine for a Perfect Fit

Volpe and Koenig has the perfect team of attorneys, patent agents and technical advisors to fit your business.  It’s this handpicked team that knows your business model, your industry, and has the strategic know-how to ensure you’re getting the most value from your assets.  Our track record is proven with the receipt of $2 billion in licensing alone; our strong technology background ensures that we understand the nature of revenue generation in computer technology, electrical components, technology transfer and so many other high-tech areas.  Add to this Volpe and Koenig’s focus on intellectual property – it is our main and only focus – and our clients know they are getting a perfect fit.

 Our Industry Area Strengths

While Volpe and Koenig services a broad range of high-tech industries, we consider the following to be particular areas of focus when developing a monetization strategy:

  • Wireless Communication
  • Medical Devices
  • Life Sciences
  • Computer Technology
  • Technology Transfer
  • Optics and Image Processing
  • Electrical Components
  • Food Technology
  • Industrial Manufacturing

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