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Helping You Navigate Patent Portfolio Value When Acquisitions are on the Horizon

Managing your firm’s patent portfolio took time and experience; reviewing the portfolio of another firm you are considering for acquisition is a challenge for the next level.  As the pharmaceutical industry and other high-tech fields see increasing incidences of mergers, takeovers and acquisitions, there is an increased need to understand all aspects of patent law for companies and industries considered for purchase.  Measuring a patent’s value before the contract is signed means avoiding pitfalls and finding holes in these significant business dealings – after all, the intention of an acquisition is to make a profit and fend off competition.

Volpe and Koenig constructs a team of attorneys for each client that has an appropriate mix of technical and business expertise, enabling us to ask the right questions and consider the right factors in determining whether a piece of intellectual property is sufficiently valuable given our clients’ business model and industry.  Our recommendations focus on what you most need to know now, thereby ensuring the profitability of a potential acquisition.  We also consider how patents “on the table” may help you defend yourself against competitors, providing such information in a timely manner that is often needed in these time-sensitive transactions.

Whether you’re looking to buy or sell an intellectual property portfolio, Volpe and Koenig is experienced with the due diligence required for the transaction.  We are your trusted advisor who saves you time, spares your resources, provides knowledge of the industry and its intellectual property landscape, and gives you confidence in your acquisition selections.
Using Patent, Industry and Standards Experience to Help You Strategize

Volpe and Koenig is ideally suited to be a strategic partner for firms considering important business acquisitions.  Our firm’s focus on intellectual property means our deep bench of attorneys and patent agents has an all-encompassing range in their intellectual property knowledge.  Our specialization, most pointedly with the pharmaceutical and high-tech industries, comes from the additional educational background of our team members in degreed technology areas where acquisitions are most common.  For the valuation process of a potential acquisition, Volpe and Koenig’s experience counseling our clients on monetization of patent portfolios simplifies the process.

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