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  • Boston University, Ph.D., Biochemistry
  • McGill University, B.Sc. Biochemistry
Danielle N. Gross, Ph.D.
Professional Experience

Danielle is a patent agent and assists in the preparation of U.S. patent applications and U.S. national phase applications.  Her technical expertise includes biochemistry, physiology, molecular biology, pharmaceuticals, medical devices, cell culture engineering, recombinant protein expression, gene expression, fluorescent microscopy, energy metabolism and animal model experimentation, across a wide variety of therapeutic areas.

Previous Work

Prior to joining Volpe and Koenig, Danielle worked as a medical writer where she prepared congress abstracts, research manuscripts, review articles and presentations on a variety of therapeutics and medical devices under clinical development.  In addition to this, she was involved with publication planning, drafting scientific statements, gap analyses and literature analyses for pharmaceutical industry clients.

Danielle also has extensive experience as a research scientist.  Her doctoral work focused on vesicle trafficking and transport of glucose into cells, as well as the regulation of catecholamine-induced lipolysis.  Following graduate school, Danielle did a post-doctoral fellowship at the University of Pennsylvania, where she studied the effects of cytokine signaling on pancreatic beta-cells using transgenic mouse models.  As a scientist, she co-authored numerous scientific publications and grants and presented her work at major scientific meetings.


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Life Beyond the Law

I am a Pilates and Yoga enthusiast and love to hike, bike and kayak whenever I get the chance.  I enjoy the symphony, cooking, traveling and playing the piano.  But my favorite times are spent with my husband and two young kids.