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Volpe and Koenig: A Strategic Partner and Trusted Advisor

Patents are often the best way to protect your intellectual property; however, other types of protection (e.g., trade secrets) are sometimes more appropriate.  Add to this the expense of the patent application and prosecution process, and acquiring a professional opinion on whether patent protection is worthwhile to pursue—one that leverages expertise in your industry, the underlying technology of your invention, and patent law—is a vital part of this process.

Our attorneys evaluate an innovation’s novelty, utility, and non-obviousness as compared to the field’s prior art, taking into account a client’s business model and its encapsulating industry.  Research into previously issued and filed patents that are potentially similar aids in determining the viability of pursuing protection for an innovation.  Volpe and Koenig brings our knowledge of your industry as well as that of your firm’s business model to get you to the next step – evaluating then realizing long-term objectives and strategies.

Volpe and Koenig clients trust our knowledge of intellectual property to get their IP assets into great shape. We parlay our direct experience with their business models and industry to guide them, create value, mitigate risks and advance their business objectives.

Where Trust and Experience Offer More

Volpe and Koenig’s extensive strategic counseling experience assures that we can see your firm’s big picture, weighing all options and factoring in implications that could affect value.  With over 50 attorneys as well as patent agents and other experts in a wide range of IP specialties and industries, we are well-suited to compile a team that is best suited to your business and strategic needs.  Most of our clients first work with us regarding their basic IP protection needs, then return to us to further review and inquire about larger-scale business objectives and to use our proven expertise to advise on particular situations.  Our deep technology specialty background and proven track record with these clients gives them a comfort level and confidence to learn more about all we have to offer.
Our Industry Area Strengths

Due to our size and specialization in intellectual property matters, Volpe and Koenig provides guidance and recommendations for all industries, but we have special expertise in the following:

  • Wireless Communications
  • Medical Devices
  • Life Sciences
  • Consumer Goods (Automotive, Sporting Equipment and Child Products)
  • Computer Technology
  • Optics and Image Processing
  • Software and Business Methods
  • Technology Transfer
  • Electrical Components
  • Food Technology
  • Industrial Manufacturing
  • Publishing

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