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Trade Secrets

Knowledge Is Your Competitive Advantage

In today’s business environment of fast mobile communication and the ability to carry away filing cabinets of information on a flash drive, smart management demands a forward looking approach to protecting confidential business information. Nothing seems as valuable as when it is lost.

Today’s employees, joint venture partners and/or customers can become tomorrow’s competitors. Whether it’s a formula, physical device, drawing, business method, pricing strategy, new market penetration plan, manufacturing technique or process, protecting that information as your trade secret can be critical to maintaining market share, growth and long-term competitive advantage over those who do not know or use those pieces of intellectual property.

Consult Volpe and Koenig to assess the available protection for your trade secrets, thereby preserving your special knowledge and associated market position.

Creating and Protecting Trade Secrets

Volpe and Koenig can counsel you on the identifying potential trade secrets, creating controlled access to protect and enforce them. We understand the vigilance required for trade secret protection and work with you in your specific environment to establish practical and effective processes to protect your trade secrets. We undertake each assignment with the realization that it may become necessary to act on your behalf in enforcing your rights and protecting your business interests through negotiations or litigaiton with offending parties.

Volpe and Koenig brings a “right size” team with expertise in chemical, computer and software technologies as well as manufacturing processes—where trade secrets are essential. We are large enough to provide a deep bench of industry knowledge and resources, but our boutique status affords us to opportunity to get to know your business well, providing the best tailored fit for your business model.

Our clients, which include in-house counsel, top engineering management and chief technology personnel in many industries, find our unique mix of legal and technical expertise along with our dedication to flexibility in meeting individual business needs a ‘perfect fit’ for safeguarding critical information.

Our Practice Strengths
Although we are experienced with all aspects of trade secrets, we focus our efforts on:

  • Identifying trade secrets
  • Developing trade secret policies and procedures
  • Creating nondisclosure and non-compete agreements
  • If necessary, litigating trade secrets
  • Reaching commercially reasonable settlement of trade secret disputes

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