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Differentiate Your Business and Protect Its Identity

Trademarks are often the most identifiable and distinguishing items your clients and prospects recognize in a crowded and competitive market; they can inspire feelings of trust and brand loyalty.  Trademarks may even represent the most valuable asset of your firm – the instant confidence that follows when seeing your logo, a product design that is sought after by competitors. From representing your primary service, to adding a new related product line, and protection your firm’s overall reputation, trademarks are essential part of doing and growing business.

Volpe and Koenig has assisted mid-cap and Fortune 500 companies with developing, acquiring, licensing and enforcing trademarks in all industries, streamlined and customized for cost efficiency and maximum brand strength.

Full-Service Trademark Services for the Life of Your Business

Our trademark attorneys have full-time experience working with the trademark lifecycle.  We customize our approach for your specific needs, starting from the time of mark and logo creation to guide the trademark acquisition process and ensuring all regulations are followed for maximum protection.  You may be working to create a new product or service identity from scratch, maintain the strength and viability of a long-term brand, or may be poised to move your firm to the next level.  A deep knowledge of the trademark process paired with streamlined and responsive actions to get you there before the competition are part and parcel of our offerings.

Volpe and Koenig takes in the big picture first, helping your firm decide what needs protection.  We do the legwork, navigating the millions of existing trademarked logos, names and designs to ensure your marks are available for use and registration.  Determining any international protection and staying abreast of refilling requirements further expands your coverage.  We proactively monitor any trademark opposition and potentially conflicting marks, and have the experience to represent your firm in trademark litigation.

Our clients trust Volpe and Koenig for protection of their trademarks, and protection of their business.

Our Practice Strengths

Although our attorneys are trained to handle trademarks from creation to enforcement, we perform the following services for all industries both nationally and internationally:

  • Obtain clearance to use the design
  • File applications
  • File for international protection
  • Handle any trademark opposition
  • Monitor potentially conflicting published marks
  • Consulting for brand differentiation
  • Enforce trademark rights
  • Provide litigation if necessary

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