Todd A. Norton
Professional Experience

Todd Norton’s practice focuses on building intellectual property portfolios through prosecution, licensing, and acquisition. Todd prosecutes domestic and foreign patent applications in the electrical, optical, computer software, and hardware fields, performs intellectual property due diligence for acquisitions, negotiates licenses/acquisitions and drafts agreements, and counsels clients on value creation of intellectual property assets.

Client Work
Todd serves the Intellectual Property needs of clients from start-up companies to Fortune 500 companies.

Previous Work
Todd has built Intellectual Property portfolios and counseled clients on value creation of intellectual property assets. For example, Todd was involved in building the Intellectual Property portfolio of a radio company focused as a digital solutions provider for the radio broadcast industry.  This radio company connected advertisers directly to the radio station through an automated scheduling platform designed to simplify sales, scheduling, delivery and reporting.  The radio company desired to be acquired by a company invested in Internet search, cloud computing, and advertising technologies. After working for several years developing Intellectual Property for the company, Todd was involved in selling the company to one of the targeted acquirers.

Todd has litigated before various federal courts and the International Trade Commission. Todd has been involved in taking and defending depositions, assisting in preparing expert opinions, drafting motions and oppositions, developing patent positions and strategies, and preparing trial exhibits. The technology underlying the various litigations has included CDMA, nano-optics, pre-paid wireless business methods, oil and pipeline repair and analysis, computer security, infant bassinets, mortgage processes, domain names, and trade secrets.

Todd has provided invalidity, non-infringement, and freedom to operate opinions to numerous clients. Having drafted approximately 100 opinions for clients from large to small companies, Todd has authored opinions on cell phone and CDMA technology, furniture, software and business methods, computer screen layouts, icon placement and start bar organization, and casino games.

Todd has registered trademarks for a number of clients including several pharmaceutical companies and online avatar company, among others. Todd has also registered domain names and been involved with domain names proceedings before the federal courts and ICANN.

Todd has worked with a Fortune 500® company in counseling and creating intellectual property policies and has opined on intellectual property policies.

Todd regularly performs patent prosecution for clients and has developed and analyzed patents and technology in view of application industry standards.

Todd has been involved in developing and analyzing claim charts in view of application industry standards, collaborating with experts to assess value of patented technology within product verticals, and building intellectual property portfolios through prosecution, licensing and acquisition to entice bidders with the goal of obtaining funding for ventures based on the underlying intellectual property.

Prior to entering his career in the law, Todd worked as an engineer at a government contractor primarily working on projects for NASA. Todd developed a phase retrieval algorithm used in data reduction, and analyzed results of testing and compared to specifications while participating in acceptability studies for components that did not meet specifications. Todd programmed and designed software to transform system outputs commensurate to the position of the focus of a telescope and overlayed on the output instrument sub-apertures in order to verify the absence of glints in the instrument apertures. Todd also installed and aligned flight optics in instruments and was involved in optical metrology and component testing.

Publications, Presentations and Recognitions
Todd has been a speaker and authored numerous publications during his legal career. Todd, on several occasions, was published and spoke at Nano Boston on topics such as Intersecting Intellectual Property and Funding and Intellectual Property: Funding and Licensing Strategies for Nanotechnology Inventions.

Todd has also authored numerous technical publications on topics such as microlens arrays, wavefront and control testing for standard and segmented optics, modeling and experimenting with transmissive phase plates, diffraction grating and filter results, and fiber optic fusion splicing.

Professional Activities
American Bar Association
American Intellectual Property Law Association

Bar and Court Admissions
U.S. Patent and Trademark Office
Federal District Court for the Eastern District of Pennsylvania

Life Beyond the Law
I enjoy spending time with my family. This time often revolves around my kids’ sports and other activities, bike rides, kayaking, trips to the shore, the Phillies, and college and NFL football.